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Wholesaler & Distributor Labels

Wholesaler & Distributor labels play a crucial role in any business. Wholesale labels are a cost-effective option for organisations seeking basic but efficient labelling solutions. Wholesale labels can be an important component of packaging and effective market penetration in a variety of industries, including food, chemical, nutraceutical, and more. QLM offers high-quality wholesale labels that are also cost-effective for your business.

Common applications

  • Confectionery labels
  • Nut labels
  • Snack labels
  • Sweets labels
  • Cookie labels
  • Dried good labels
  • Jerky labels

Things to consider

  • Colour Coding for Flavours or Styles
  • Nutritional Panels and Barcoding (2D & QR)
  • Labels must be resistant to water, moisture, oils
  • Promotional Labels and Tags to ‘stand out’
  • Pair with coloured Carton & Dispatch Labels
  • Check Country of Origin Label requirements

Recommended materials:

  • Choose stocks and finishes carefully.
  • Kraft stocks give an earthy and organic feel.
  • Textured & Metallised stocks add lustre.
  • PP/ PE stock can be considered for moisture, oil resistance.
  • Be mindful of using a finish to protect the label.
  • Silver Metallised Stocks can give a shine to your product.

Need help?

Knowing the end use or application of your labels is essential. It impacts the choice of face stock, adhesive and liner as well as options for printing and finishing. Here are some of the questions you can expect and how it helps to give you the best possible solution. Learn more

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We aim to make your quoting or proofing process as smooth and efficient as possible. When sending artwork or art files please note the image resolution (minimum 300dpi), file format, artproof details, and check proofs thoroughly before approving via email, postal mail or in person. Learn more..

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