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Does your packaging work hard enough?

As the old saying goes, “First Impressions Count.” In the fast-growing packaging industry, your packaging needs to work harder than [...]

Box bottom coffee bags: convenience & freshness

Box-bottom coffee bags are becoming increasingly popular in the coffee and tea industry due to their innovative design and practical [...]

Creating informative & user-friendly nutrition facts labels

When you stroll down the aisles of your grocery store, you will see most shoppers carefully analysing the nutrition facts [...]

Designing Effective Chemical Labels for Chemical Products

Chemicals, paints, and cleaning products are some of the everyday items that must be handled with caution due to their [...]

Elna Press Joins QLM Group

We are proud to announce that Elna Press has joined the QLM Group. Elna Press and QLM Label Makers combine two proudly Australian owned and operated companies with extensive experience at [...]

What is flexible packaging

Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from non-rigid materials. It is a highly versatile option that is economical, customisable and [...]

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