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flexible packaging from qlm label makers

QLM Label Makers offer a range of flexible packaging options in Australia
Our flexible packaging solutions include stand up pouches, sachets & 3SS bags, centre seal bags, printed roll stock.
From food to pharmaceutical, FMCG to personal care…
check out our flexible options to make YOUR packaging WOW

stand-up pouches

QLM’s custom digitally-printed stand up pouches give your products amazing shelf appeal, no matter what your business size. Manufactured using high-quality and durable materials, combined with photo-quality print ensures your products have that premium look.

sachets & 3SS bags

If you are looking for the ideal way to present product samples, sachets or 3SS (3 side seal) bags are a great option. Sachets & 3SS bags, also known as lay flat pouches or pillow bags, are not only cost-effective and highly functional, but also give your products a market advantage with brilliant aesthetics and professional branding.

centre seal bags

Centre Seal Bags (also known as fin seal bags or FFS form fill seal bags) are a industry standard for mass produced single portion products. Popular with everything from cookies to confectionary, protein bars to potato chips, centre seal bags are cost-effective, highly functional and also easily adaptable for form fill machinery. With our low MOQs you can emulate what the industry leaders are doing with stunning packaging (without the huge volumes and lead times)


rewind – printed roll stock

Printed roll stock (sometimes referred to as rewind) consists of unformed material with product information pre-printed on it. These rolls are usually sent to a co-packer to be formed, filled, and sealed.

box bottom bags

Well, you need a special type of packaging to protect your precious cargo. We’re experts when it comes to designing coffee packaging that’s both striking and practical. Along with looking incredible, qlm’s packaging will protect your beans from moisture, vapour, and odours with resealable zippers.


QLM’s flexible packaging comes in a large range of standard widths with variable heights, developed from industry standards to suit most applications. View our flexible packaging sizing & templates below:


premium flexible packaging from qlm label makers

QLM’s flexible packaging team provide a comprehensive support network across Australia for all aspects of the labelling and packaging needs of your business. From account management and sales, graphic design, marketing ideas and superior manufacturing, right through to leading innovations and sustainable packaging options that provide you with ongoing support long after the labels and packaging are delivered.

  • ANY SIZE JOB or BUSINESS - print runs that suit you:
    QLM offers the flexibility to print jobs of any run size. We are flexible with MOQs and provide cost-effective options for multiple styles or SKUs, allowing for the shift to just in time printing.
  • SUSTAINABLE materials:
    We offer a wide variety of eco-friendly packing material solutions to help brands take the next step forward as compostable and recyclable packaging innovators.
  • FAST DELIVERY times:
    Most jobs can be ready for dispatch in as little as 10 working days. Orders can be placed to suit your delivery requirements and schedule and fast options are available when needed.
    QLM have a range of leading print technology and converting equipment to ensure you are provided with options and the right solution for what you are trying to achieve.
  • CARES values and dedicated teams:
    QLM are people with passion who care about your business. We are Australia’s leading innovative and service driven label manufacturer, working with you to deliver solutions for what you want to achieve.
    QLM manufacture from our 2 leading print hubs in Brisbane and Melbourne, with offices located throughout Australia. We manufacture throughout Asia-Pacific, providing options where required.

understanding flexible packaging

Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from non-rigid materials. It is a highly versatile option that is economical, customisable and easily created in a variety of sizes to suit different products.
With our industry specific knowledge, we will guide you from zero to wow:
Click on the tabs below to get an idea of the process we go through to ensure you get the right solution for what you want to achieve.

what is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a broad term that covers a variety of packaging designs, materials, and sizes. It can be provided formed (pre-shaped pouches or bags ready for in-house filling and sealing) or unformed (rolls of material that are sent to packing companies for forming, filling, and sealing). At QLM we provide a range of packaging options such as stand-up pouches, sachets & 3SS bags, centre seal bags and printed roll stock.

benefits of flexibles

Flexible packaging is a highly versatile option that is economical, customisable and easily created in a variety of sizes. If you are looking for options for your products that require durability and portability, here are some of the benefits of flexible packaging available from QLM.

Types of flexible packaging

These are the ways we enhance the aesthetics of a label, but can also have a pragmatic purpose to improve the performance or life of the label. There are many options available to create stunning effects: special inks, varnishes, laminates, foils and embossing.