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Packaging can make or break a brand if done wrong. Not only do design and functionality play a huge part in getting packaging right, but so do the size, the cost and the availability of product packaging. Without the right packaging partner behind you, your packaging may leave a lot to be desired.

When it comes to finding the right product packaging for your product, there are a few key things to consider before deciding which investment in branding is best for your brand packaging:

  • The ability to stand out in your category
  • The ability to be competitive in your category
  • Usability and appeal for your target market
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQ’s)
  • Printing multiple product options (SKUs)
  • Cost per unit
  • Branding
  • Australian made
  • Sustainability
  • Turnaround time
  • Client support
How can small MOQs and multiple SKU printing help to scale my business?

Quite simply, the ability to order digitally printed food packaging in quantities as low as 2000qty alone can help by lowering the initial investment in product packaging.

Allowing you to concentrate on launching your product to market with the lowest quantity you need. Testing the waters in your product category with multiple SKUs that are well branded, will instantly have your brand looking ready to take on the competitors in your product category and create an great initial impression on buying groups.

We have had many business owners come to us that have been under the impression that stand up pouches, three side seal, box bottom bags and sachet packaging must be ordered in high volumes from overseas to see any kind of well-branded food packaging.

That is simply incorrect, we are passionate about supporting Australian businesses by ensuring flexible packaging is readily available with quick turnaround times and lower minimums, made right here in Australia, by a locally owned business. 

Digitally printed packaging requires no traditional printing plates that are sometimes required for large-volume packaging printing. 

Your design is printed straight from the computer file, allowing quicker set-up times than traditional printing, and the ability to print minimums of around 2000 compared to the over 10,000 quantities we often hear people have been quoted. 

Digitally printed food packaging is one of the most efficient ways to print multiple SKUs when needed. 

Being able to print packaging for a whole range, or re-order as needed is a great way for businesses of every size to keep their packaging looking professional, without the need to risk large volume orders.  It also has some hidden benefits, with little risk that include:

  • Being able to introduce new product lines;
  • Trial new products in the market quickly & easily;
  • Introduce special or seasonal product lines;
  • Order what you need, as you need it.
Do you have packaging options for single serve products or food product samples?

QLM Flexibles has a wide range of what we refer to as flexible packaging.  The flexible packaging range includes multiple product packaging options that can all be branded your way, with every surface able to be printed. 

Some customers we work with start with smaller packaging (used for samples or single-serve packaging) and then find themselves moving through to stand up pouches. 

From snack-sized or single-serve products to bulk goods we have you covered. 

QLM Flexibles product packaging options include:

With sizes that can be made for products from 50g right up to a few kg’s, stand up pouches are often the most suitable option for many product categories. 

Used for products that can include, wet food, dry goods, pet treats, powdered supplements and so much more the sizing options are limited only to your imagination and can be tailored to your needs. 

Partnering with the right packaging partner can help you scale your business as you grow.

From startups to big brands in food product categories, getting to know your Australian packaging network personally, and learning how qlm flexibles can support you with a wide range of product packaging is a great step in the right direction.

We welcome you to visit us, arrange a chat or request free samples of the product packaging you are looking at for your brand.  

We are always happy to chat about packaging and are completely open to helping you gain the confidence you need to move forward with your product packaging by answering questions and guiding you along the way.  

Here is the kicker…we are also well-placed to help you with larger volume of digitally printed packaging as you scale your business and have larger requirements. 

With manufacturing facilities in multiple locations – your needs will be well looked after with the support you should expect from a locally-based packaging group. 

We are here with you all the way, large or small. Head to our contacts page to reach out for an initial discussion about your packaging needs.  

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