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If you are looking for label & packaging ideas that really celebrate the festive season and give you a competitive edge, check out some of the really innovative and fun ideas below. With all the changes going on around the world including anticipated delays in supply chain and delivery – now is the time to turn your ideas into reality. 

Seasonal & sale packaging

Packaging can be tailored to suit a variety of specific sales and seasons. Some patterns lend themselves to working across multiple seasons and sales so can add some extra longevity to their functionality. Customised folded carton boxes are also a great move to leave long-lasting impression of your brands in customers’ mind. Be clever to use innovative shaped boxes with extra embellishment touch to engage with customers. If you are not sure about your packaging design, we are your extended creative team. Talk with us

label & packaging idea for Christmas
label & packaging idea for Christmas

Personalised & customised labels & packaging

Personalising or customising your products with appropriate theming and messaging is an affordable and  easy way to create excitement and interest plus it really makes people connect with your products and company. You can also use these label & packaging ideas in your design so you don’t need to alter the existing branding of your products underneath.

Label sleeves

Label sleeves allow you to wrap a label around a product or box to create a new or interesting ‘gift or celebration feeling. You can leave the backing paper on and just stick the end down, or stick the whole thing  down to make it stay and seal the product in. Some people use this to create bundles of products or to wrap a round-shaped products which challenges the card sleeves. They are easy to design and can be shaped or simple ‘strips’. Many brands cleverly use metallised synthetic materials for label sleeves to add more attactive shining effect to their products. Adding customisation and personalisation for focused sales can really wow customers.

label & packaging idea for Christmas
label & packaging idea for Christmas

Card sleeves

Card sleeves: a card-based sleeve or wrap is the perfect way to create a ‘gift’ or seasonal look without needing to change your product. Creative design can add value to your product and the experience as well as adding that ‘sale’ or sense of gifting urgency that is needed sometimes. Embellishments like foil, embossing and high build varnish add that luxury look when a premium finish is desired.


If you don’t want a full sleeve you can always add a tag. This is a saving  option for businesses that wish not to spend their marketing budget too much for short-term campaign but still get the positive customer attention. Tags can hang from the products (hang tags), be added to the neck of a product (neck tags) or simply be added to the packing material (like a gift card or postcard). Christmas festive tags are the most popular of them all. Don’t limit your brand’s to boring regular-shaped tags. At QLM, product tags can be in any shape that your creativity can think of. 

label & packaging idea for Christmas
label & packaging idea for Christmas

Pop-up labels

A pop-up label sits atop the product to call out ‘look at me’. They can be brash and bold or simple and stylish. Either way they are easily added to an existing product and shout out for attention against competing products. Metallised materials can also be ultilised to create a shining metalic effect to pop-up labels. Funny customised shape labels can be excellent move to draw extra consumer’s attention to your products & branding, especially during festive seasons. 

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