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As part of qlm group, Read Labels and Packaging has been helping Milkman Grooming Co build their brand with premium product labels and packaging for almost a decade!

Milkman Grooming Co has been delivering luxurious men’s grooming products for almost a decade with the support of Read Labels and Packaging (RLP).

From the very first call to Ross at RLP, Jackee and Ben of Milkman Grooming Co knew they had connected with the right person for the kind of support and advice their family-owned business needed to produce product packaging that screamed quality product.

The support they receive with a support team that takes their call whenever they need a little extra info, or help is the reason they have stuck with Ross for almost ten years for product packaging and labels.

“It made all the difference when we started out, and the support still comes in handy as we introduce new products!” Jackee, Milkman Grooming Co.

Being able to call their packaging partner and clarify just what product label materials will work for each specific product type enables the brand to move forward quickly and confidently when launching a new product.

The boutique family-owned business has been succeeding with premium packaging that includes 3SS and product labels due to careful product planning and design. Ben and Jackee are currently working on a new product launch that requires a special touch, so they have paired again with Ross to create a new product label for a premium product under the brand.

The new Milkman Grooming Co label for this particular product will include a High Build spot varnish, giving a raised texture to the elements it’s applied to. Having restraint in the label design to exude luxury when the product is on the shelf was a key consideration for Jackee and Ben, something they learnt from years of working closely with their preferred packaging partner.

Digital print labels are a great option for Australian brands like Milkman Grooming Co due to the smaller minimum orders and multi-SKU print runs that are available. They allow brands the freedom to trial new products in the market prior to making larger investments in products. Additionally, digital printing allows the brand to print specialised luxury labels without the need for high set-up costs, saving time and money. The limitations to design for digitally printed product labels and flexible packaging are minimal, meaning your brand can stay true to itself across every product type.

Milkman Grooming labels

As Read Labels and Packaging is now part of the QLM group, our clients are now enjoying the same high-level customer service with the addition of being able to rely on the qlm group for all their packaging needs, including flexible packaging, product labels, and carton packaging.

With nationwide support, it is now even easier to source Australian-made packaging and labels. Contact us to learn more.

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