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The delivery of well… Everything is the new normal. Soul Sisters Unite are pivoting to realise the opportunities this presents. Designing goods and services with delivery in mind can present some challenges. There are considerations for package design and remote delivery, but adding a delivery component can get your products out there when customers can’t come to you. 

Soul Sisters Unite was founded by three women whose lives were forever changed by breast cancer. Surviving cancer for them wasn’t the end of an awful story, it was the beginning of a beautiful new one and has led them to creating heartfelt gift boxes and care packs to uplift someone going through a challenging time in their lives. Their gift boxes are both thoughtful and practical, the gift you give when you can’t find the right words. Rather than shouting about their products, they are more about delivering care with discretion and quiet courage. 

Soul sisters gift pack

Gifts that keep on giving

What makes their boxes truly unique is that they are not only beautiful but are filled with practical and pragmatic items that provide support and care. Unlike the traditional gifts of chocolates or flowers that aren’t always appropriate at these times, the products in Soul Sisters Unite Gift Boxes are chosen to be used long after they are first received.

Most importantly they are filled with love, hope and blessings. Proudly Australian owned and operated, they offer free delivery Australia-wide on all of their gift boxes.

Customised labels & personalised messages

Their labels and packaging are really special. Each label sleeve is created using HP Indigo Smartstream Software’s Mosaic function, meaning that every label is unique. They are designed to reflect that just like someone’s journey through adversity. No two are exactly the same. Inside the Gift Boxes are carefully crafted cards that provide positive reassurance and messages of affirmation and love. Each gift box has icons that represent special people, places and moments. They are currently working on adding options to personalise messages and images to create really beautiful moments – especially during the unboxing experience – so keep a look out for that.

Soul sisters labels
Soul sisters Unite

Sharing the love

Soul Sisters Unite was established with the idea to deliver care through people, products and places. They recognise that post treatment care and support can be challenging for many people, as they deal with the expectations and realities of their new ‘normal’. 

They also have a special option if you would like to Pay It Forward and gift a box to someone else in need.

Find out more about Soul Sisters Unite here:

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phone:0410 808 276
Soul Sisters Unite
Success Story: Soul Sisters Unite

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