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Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from non-rigid materials. It is a highly versatile option that is economical, customisable and easily created in a variety of sizes to suit different products. It has become hugely popular because unlike other rigid packaging that is heavy and prone to breakage, it is easily bent without breaking. This provides options for products that require durability and portability. Flexible packaging is not only cost-effective and highly functional, but also aesthetically delightful to give your products an advantage.

Flexible packaging is a broad term that covers a variety of packaging designs, materials, and sizes. It can be provided formed (pre-shaped pouches or bags ready for in-house filling and sealing) or unformed (rolls of material that are sent to packing companies for forming, filling, and sealing). At QLM we provide a range of packaging options such as stand-up pouches, sachets & 3SS bags, centre seal bags, box bottom bags, side gusset bags and printed roll stock.

Coffee bags
Fertiliser Packaging
Printed roll stock

Flexible packaging is used in many industries, such as:

  • Food and beverages (especially tea & coffee, snacks and cereals)
  • Household goods (particularly single-use cleaning products)
  • Cosmetics, health and personal care products
  • Marketing samples, market testing
  • Nutrition and supplement products
  • Pet care products
  • Single-serve products & product samples
  • Pharmaceutical products

No matter the size of your business, QLM offer flexible packaging options to make your products stand out with amazing shelf appeal. Suitable for products across a wide range of industries, discover why flexible packaging is the fastest growing segment in consumer packaging.

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