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Does your packaging work hard enough?

As the old saying goes, “First Impressions Count.” In the fast-growing packaging industry, your packaging needs to work harder than [...]

What is flexible packaging

Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from non-rigid materials. It is a highly versatile option that is economical, customisable and [...]

How to design food packaging

Supermarket categories are quite competitive as brands fight for space in large retailers. Getting your product noticed on the shelf takes [...]

Flexible packaging to go nuts about !

Nutworks, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, produce luxurious, creamy, premium quality macadamia nut products that you can buy whole (with the [...]

Finishes & Embellishments

These are the ways we enhance the aesthetics of labels and packaging but can also have a pragmatic purpose to [...]

We help brands to create WOW labels and packaging

QLM is the first manufacturing company in Asia Pacific with an in-house creative and marketing team. With a unique blend [...]

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